Review: Daniel Goodman – KEYS TO THE KINGDOM

Daniel Goodman
Poetic lyrics turned into wonderful songs
Daniel Goodman is a talented singer/songwriter whose songs set poetic lyrics to music. His latest offering is a classy four track EP featuring songs that showcase a new side to Daniel’s music. This EP was recorded at the world renowned Magic Shop Recording Studio and produced by Mario J McNulty, who has produced music for the likes of David Bowie and Lou Reed. Unlike Daniel’s full length albums, which are largely acoustic in sound, this EP introduces a mix of musical instruments. There is a large dose of 1970’s folk/rock blended into the musical style of the songs offered here yet Daniel always manages to retain his unique vocals. With all four songs self-penned there are plenty of lyrics to get excited about. Keys To The Kingdom starts off slowly and builds into a dramatic chorus. The music also fluctuates giving the song depth and  character. This is a rocky song with strong vocals that manage to ride above the rousing music. Daniel’s vocals are rough, spirited and rather charming on the ear. This song is great to listen to with the volume turned up high. Long Time Waiting is a much slower offering. Quite charming Daniel’s vocals are raw and emotive. The musical backing is laid back allowing the vocals and lyrics to take centre stage. This is a beautiful song that really tugs at the heart strings. This song is the closest thing on the EP to the style of music on Daniel’s previous released albums. Orphan’s Song sees the tempo go up a gear. This is a really rousing rocky pop/folk song. The lyrics are really clever and well constructed, also quite succinct in places. Listeners will feel themselves being transported back to the days of Woodstock upon listening to this song. If this song doesn’t have you dancing then I don’t know what will! Sons Of Cain completes the EP. This is a heavy song with great instrumentation. Another song that feels like it wouldn’t have been out of place in the 70’s. Once again it is Daniel’s unique and raw vocals that grab you. He manages to tell a story just by altering his tone of voice. A great song to end on, you really feel like you have been treated to some excellent music upon listening to this EP. It is a shame that this is only an EP and not a full length album as there is plenty to wet your appetite here and make you long to hear more.
Sara Hunt

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