Review: Deborah Henrikkson ‘So Far’

Deborah Henrikkson
‘So Far’
DH Productions

Deborah Henrikkson’s voice is spellbinding throughout the 21 track album. The Swedish-American singer-songwriter fuses her contemporary folk and Celtic influences perfectly on this haunting new record.

Early on we’re introduced to the backing vocals which are highly effective. The production and instrumentation throughout is well thought out and gives Henrikkson a clear, unique sound. ’Fly’ boasts an interesting instrumentation with both the Cello and Flute playing important roles, helping to capture the loneliness and eeriness of the track. Their is some vivid imagery used within the lyrics which paints a clear picture in the listeners mind and conveys the message of each track. ‘Wild Fire’ begins ‘Raging trees in colours cry, Seething crimson in the sky.’ The language is creative and bold yet there are pop sensibilities within the chorus as Henrikkson uses repetition to help that hook linger in the listeners mind.

Throughout the record the lyrics remain very abstract and we are not overloaded with unnecessary words. It’s an album that really shines a light on the relationships between a good production and interesting vocal melodies.

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