Review: Diane Patterson – ‘Satchel of Songs’

Patterson has come a long way since she first began playing her guitar in church, she has travelled the world drawing influence and taking inspiration from her adventures and channeling them into her songs. The ten track album would not necessarily appeal to the average country fan. It begins with the reggae fuelled ‘Roots Heart Rhythm’ which boasts an interesting production. Patterson’s vocals are unique, melodic and slightly mystic in their delivery. The title track uses vocal effects to really bring the track to life and increase the intensity throughout the song. In general there’s less emphasis on the stories the lyrics are trying to convey and more emphasis on the musical journey the album tries to take you on. A highlight for me though is the more traditional sounding ‘Turn Toward the Sun’ which relies heavily on an acoustic guitar and lyrics that make you think. In conclusion it’s a strong album from Patterson that offers something unique for the listener.

Media Contact:

Zoe Hodges, Editor


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