Review: ‘Down At The Washington Hotel’ – Dennis Roger Reed

Dennis Roger Reed

Dennis Roger Reed’s ‘Down at the Washington Hotel’ boasts an authenticity and sparseness about its production.

He drafts in some of the finest players from California to accompany him. The 17-tracks are self-penned and for the most part, there is a relaxed feel to the album. Although he has a lovely tone to his voice, I feel I want to hear slightly more conviction in his delivery especially in the more emotive songs.

I love the backing vocals in I Need You and the guitars bright, crisp tone. Wishes Were Horses is my favourite track on the album, again there’s a lovely acoustic guitar sound – the dominant accompanying instrument throughout the record in fact. There is lots of space for each line to linger. He also showcases the lower end of his vocal register towards the end of each section.

The record closes with Such A Long Long Time, again a simple, to the point lyric is at the centre of this love song. It’s a tune that is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

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