Review: ‘Ghost Bones’ – Phyllis Sinclair

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Upon first listen I recognise that this is Sinclair at her very best. The folk singer’s lyrics are both intricate and inspired as she uses her words to paint vivid imagery in the listeners mind. Her vocals are smooth, Sinclair has a lovely tone to her voice and the production gives them space to linger.

‘Blankets and Stones’ is a stand-out track, an arpeggiated acoustic guitar lays the foundations as a slide guitar swirls around the vocal melody. The chorus welcomes some lovely harmonies on the lead vocal, helping to reinforce the impact of the lyrics, which are superb; “No redemption when a blindfold has holes.”

The title track sees Sinclair’s vocals develop a slight edge to them, a more haunting sound dominates the verses. Meanwhile, we experience a shift, sonically, in the final track ‘The Sail’ as drums and electric guitars dominate a more up-beat track.

I’m impressed with the production throughout the whole album, it is well arranged to compliment both Sinclair’s vocal style and be reflective of the lyrical content. It is designed to serve the song. It’s an outstanding effort from Sinclair who is back to her best on ‘Ghost Bones’. 

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