Review: ‘Gregory Dwane’ – Gregory Dwane

There’s no doubt about it, Gregory Dwane is a creative individual. Having worked in the music industry writing jingles and producing various artists to painting and opening a fine art gallery in Brooklyn, Dwane has done it all!

Now he embarks upon a new venture exploring the world of alt-country. The lyrics throughout are an acknowledgement of life experiences both the ups and downs and tough lessons he’s learnt along the way. The honky-tonk feel of Do You Really Want Me opens the album, giving us our first introduction to Dwane’s gritty vocals. The production is tidy, he’s got a good group of musicians helping to bring this together. It’s a catchy, toe-tappingly good opening number. My favourite track is When You Say California, the relaxed, laid-back vibe at the beginning is fitting whilst the banjo is bright and sits perfectly within the production. The swirling pedal steel throughout adds a different dimension to the track. As it ramps up we hear more conviction in Dwane’s voice and we feel the intensity pick up.

I am really excited by this album and this new artist on my radar, with his creative background taken into consideration as well, there is so much potential for Dwane to go off exploring his sound further – though it’s pretty good just the way it is! 

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