Review: Hank Woji – Highways, Gamblers, Devils and Dreams

hank woji album

Anyone who loves traditional music will want to hear this album by Woji. The writing feels effortlessly country, keeping to the themes laid out in the title. The opener, ‘Don’t Look Back’, draws the listener in, with apt observations accompanied by soft acoustic guitar and wailing twangs, the track feels like a breath of fresh air. Woji only builds on that sentiment as the album unfolds. The music might not be urgent, but it wasn’t trying to be. It’s comfortable, heart-warming Americana/country, like bowl of soup on a cold day, there’s something familiar but still uplifting about Woji’s voice. The sentiment is only magnified by the use of a female harmony on tracks like ‘Chasin’ My Headlights Again. When Woji steps into blues and even gospel, the album proves itself to not be one-note but a deep swim in the waters of Americana. A highlight is ‘El Sonador (The Dreamer)’, which shows Latin influence used to it’s advantage as Woji spins a necessary tale of immigration and expectation.  


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