Review: ‘Heartbreak Player’ – President Street

This EP feels rather misplaced in Maverick Country with it’s heavy pop production, but the songwriting is still good.

From start to finish the Australian duo’s latest offering is littered with catchy hooks and melodies, from the chorus of ‘I Found Me’ to the pre-chorus of the title track. That’s the stand-out song for me as Ruby’s vocals seem to soar over the dance beats as she takes you on a journey from first meeting someone, locking eyes across a crowded room to the heartbreak of it being over once again.

Ruby’s vocals shine once again on the track ‘Something to Believe’ as it begins acapella before opening up into an up-beat electro-pop track.

To conclude, this album is filled with fantastic melodies and lovely vocal work and the duo have a lot of potential within the mainstream Pop/Dance world. Keep your ears peeled for President Street, they’re certainly going places! 

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