Review: Henrik af Ugglas – Another Language

The debut album from Swedish artist Henrik af Ugglas is a deep and personal album which delves into Ugglas’ childhood. He grew up in an orphanage and was labelled as autistic from a young age which acted as a barrier for him in some ways. However, he went on to study medicine and make music! The first thing that strikes me is the wispy tones of Ugglas’ unique vocals, a simple and traditional production accompanies them, though the sound it creates is not strictly country. The instrumentation and production is effective, really helping to set the mood and tone for each track. It’s a good title for a record as he dips in and out of language and his laid back delivery doesn’t quite allow you to hear every phrase. The sombre tones of ‘When I Go’, which is accompanied by a tranquil and soothing video, is a real stand out on the record as the music speaks directly to the heart. To summarise, it’s an interesting debut from Ugglas and I’m intrigued by what he will do next. 

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