Review: Jonas Carping ‘The YLA Sessions’

Jonas Carping

Jonas Carping
The YLA Sessions

The alt-country music of Jonas Carping is unassuming, stripped back but despite the simplicity of the production it is delivered in the most beautiful and pure way with interesting acoustic guitar parts dominating. The Swedish writer teams up with Sigrid Carping for vocal support on this release and their voices harmonising together is as smooth as caramel.

Though upon first listen Carping’s voice sounds nervous or shy, the tonal quality and control he displays within ‘Moonlight Parade’ not only surprised me but excited me. There’s detail and imagery within the lyrics and an intimacy within the delivery. “Turn your headlights on, light me up another cigarette, tomorrow it will be gone” – the way the pair phrase that line is magical. We begin to hear the rock influences within ‘Forgiven’ and ‘The Straight Line’ as an electric guitar is introduced and Carping’s vocals strengthen, taking on a slightly more scornful tone.

As the album concludes with the anger of ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ it’s clear there’s a theatricality about Jonas Carping’s music. He is an intriguing artist who has achieved a certain intensity with this album despite the simplicity. A prime example of how less can be be more sometimes.

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