Review: Laurie Jones – Dark Horse

Laurie Jones turns to songwriting as a cathartic release from life as she maps out her experiences in song. Dark Horse begins with bold electric guitars in the intro of confessional track ‘That Summer’. I’m instantly drawn to Jones’ smooth, authentic vocals. She addresses several real issues in her lyricism from mental health to addiction but ultimately she leads us on the journey to forgiveness. ‘Light Side’ takes the energy levels up a notch as this rockier tune is riddled with guitar riffs and catchy chorus melodies. A highlight on the album is ‘No Hell’, I just love the strings in this arrangement, it adds to the 6/8 time track, which sees Jones at her very best. ‘Letting Go’ is the final song on the album and brings the journey to an end. It’s a lovely record from Jones – a solid production and well written songs, delivered from the heart. 

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