Review: ‘Little Lore’ – Little Lore

Formerly of the Americana duo Duffy and Bird, Tricia Duffy brings a wealth of experience and observation to her first solo album, released under the alter-ego Little Lore.

After taking trips to Nashville and soaking up knowledge in songwriting workshops, it is clear every word and every note is well thought out. The pedal steel that swoons beneath Duffy’s vocals as she tells the story in ‘Thief’ adds a new dimension to the song. The way she personifies the industrial revolution is beyond inventive, it’s genius.

Meanwhile, the closing track ‘Stars’ has an air of wonder about it, the production is simple, stripped back with lots of room for the vocals. Storytelling is at the heart of Duffy’s songwriting but she finds a unique angle or topic on each track that brings a fresh perspective to a common and relatable issue. 

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