Review: ‘Mad Twenties’ – Taylor Rae

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Mad Twenties is the debut album from Taylor Rae. It looks to address the life lessons learnt in her twenties, set to a polished production.

The relaxing undertones of Fixer Upper, one of the singles off the 12-song collection, boasts a beautiful melody sung by her gentle, wispy vocals. The soft tones of the B3 organ audible under the arpeggiated acoustic guitar only add to the sweet, folk influenced track. Meanwhile, Rae shows off the power of her vocals on songs like ‘Forgiveness’ which starts of small and grows bigger as the track progresses, Rae steps up to the plate as her voice comes into its own towards the end of the track, whilst ‘Home On The Road’ draws upon the B3 again, very effectively.

The use of backing vocals should be praised here too. ‘Taking Space’ brings the album full circle, the raw, wake-up call is the perfect finale.

To summarise, the concept album is tied together well by the stories of Taylor Raes twenties. Her vocals are what makes this album stand out, her ability to channel that vulnerability in the softer songs and the power she exhibits in the bigger numbers mean she has a promising future. 

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