Review: ‘Revived, Remixed, Revisited’ – Reba McEntire

What this record does is highlight just what an illustrious career Reba McEntire has had. All three parts to the record are littered with hits from various points of Reba’s career.

A different version of signature tune ‘Fancy’ features on each of the records with the ‘Revived’ edition feeling like you hear it in beautiful technicolour, the arrangement and production sounding so vibrant! Another standout on the first instalment is ‘Is There Life Out There’ it’s also interesting to hear how Reba has matured over the years, her vocals have never been stronger, that distinct tone to her voice superb in its delivery.

The remixed part of the record is perhaps the most intriguing, for those of us who adored the original versions of hits such as ‘Turn On The Radio’ it takes some getting used to, though it is great to hear how adaptable and versatile Reba and her songs can be, perhaps they shall help to reach a new audience. On Revisited the highlight is ‘Does He Love You’ which features Dolly Parton putting her own stamp on the classic originally released with Linda Davis in 1993.

The pair really tell the story through the emotion in their voices. An outstanding collection from an outstanding artist. 

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