Review: Steve Yanek ‘Across The Landscape’

Steve Yanek
‘Across The Landscape’
Primitive Records

The arrangement and production of ‘Across The Landscape’ compliments Yanek’s vocals well; there is room for them to take centre stage, yet each part serves a meaningful purpose.

In the stripped back ‘Emily’s Eyes’, whilst the lyrics have a simplicity about them, the intricate arpeggiated guitar and mandolin parts which feed off each other give a slightly longing feel to the song. Whereas on the Jazz infused ‘Quarter Moon’ and the folk-rock ‘Got To Hear You Say It,’ there is room for the musicians to showcase their talents, particularly guitarist Jeff Pevar, however by around track 8 the instrumental solos can get quite tiring. Although I applaud the variety channelled into this record, it lacks a little direction in parts, as if Yanek hasn’t quite figured out his identity as an artist just yet.

I long to hear more of that fire and grit he achieves in the rock influenced ‘Dance With You’, there’s just a couple of songs that feel misplaced on this project. However, the songwriting comes from an honest and authentic place and is set to the backdrop of a high end, well thought out production that suits Yanek’s vocal style.

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