Review: The Dinallos ‘The Dinallos’

The Dinallos
The Dinallos
Memphis International Records

The lead off single from The Dinallos is Kilimanjaro, what’s glaringly obvious is the high end arrangement and production – I love a B3 Organ in a country song. The second thing you notice is the effective use of backing vocals combined with Juliet Dinallo’s vocals. The third thing I notice is, by the last chorus, I’m swaying from side to side – it’s catchy!

As you begin to warm to this husband and wife duo, they introduce their ten year old daughter during Lemonade. Her vocals are endearing yet quite mature for her age, she executes her performance so well, I’m keen to hear more (move over Mum, Annabel’s coming through!). All joking aside, it’s clear music runs in the gene’s of The Dinallo’s. Now residing in the heart of music city they’re soaking up a lot of different influences. The record makes a departure from country music for the much darker, rock infused Private Hell which does feel slightly out of place as it’s dominated by electric guitars. The 16-track album feels almost like two eight-track albums stitched together with an instrumental break in the form of Eggemoggin Interlude.

It’s certainly a strong introduction to the family’s capabilities as musicians and songwriters. Their sound which, for the most part, leans towards the more traditional side of the genre is unique and yet refreshing to hear.

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