Review: ‘The Passing of the Storm’ – Winter Wilson

The folk duo, made up of Kip Winter and Dave Wilson, are renowned for being hard working musicians who excel out on the road. The forced time away from touring and live music though, has allowed them to excel in their songwriting and in the studio too.

Kip’s vocals especially have a rawness to them, as together they deliver a record full of character. The stand-out track is ‘What Would Johnny Cash Do Now?’ Sonically it’s a bit of a departure from the rest of the record, the up-tempo track is full of energy and charisma, a lovely nod to the legend. In contrast, ‘Pity Me’ a typical folk tune, is stripped back and sombre showcasing the versatility of the record. The pair’s voices together create a unique but pleasing texture.

The conclusion comes in the form of ‘Once More for the Old Times’ which is a beautifully written track, played on an acoustic guitar, Wilson takes the lead as he sings in a heartfelt tone, creating a picture in the listeners mind. A lovely end to a lovely record. 

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