Review: ‘Things To Come’ – Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons draws influence from the sounds of his home-state, the Lone Star State. After spending several years in Nashville, he has returned to Texas and released a brilliant record that is gaining traction across the pond.

Upon first listen it’s his vocals that jumps out at me, he has a beautiful tone to his voice. An acceptance coupled with a slight hint of positivity permeates the title track though wisdom prevails as he learns from the past, “Time is a healer and life must go on.” Honesty and refined lyricism is at the heart of this record.

He’s a hardworking and talented musician whose career has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride and that shows in his songwriting as he draws from the experience. Melodically, too, the album is strong, from the haunting, tear-jerker chorus of ‘Tragedy’ to the catchy, simplicity of ‘Good Ole Days’. Using traditional country instrumentation to great effect, with soaring slide guitar and brushes on the drums, the arrangement beautifully frames Parsons stories.

It’s a record about growth and learning from past experiences, taking the useful memories with you as you push forward into the future. Very well written and beautifully delivered. 

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