Review: ‘Triage’ – Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell’s songwriting prowess knows no bounds and this record is testament to that. In his latest record Triage, he explores themes of universal love and spirituality within his songs, but leaving no stone unturned or should we say no word left unconsidered, his lyrics are focused and meaningful in their delivery. The production was approached in a way that asked, ‘does this best serve the song? Does it support what the lyrics are trying to say?’ A standout on the album comes from ‘Girl On The Street’ a song which Crowell says is derived from a chance meeting with a girl whilst he was on tour, the detail he took in and it plagued him as he wondered what more he could have done. The imagery he portrays, the character he paints stands vivid in the listeners mind as he gets us thinking about the broader themes and our role in the story. The drums pound in your chest, and there is an eeriness about the production. In contrast One Little Bird, has a much more upbeat tone as Crowell reflects on his life, the positives and the regrets. The album is Crowell’s most personal to date, yet it is filled with moments that make you reflect upon your own place in the world. The lyrics are the strongest point, so intricately crafted and woven into the music, painting a vivid picture in the listeners mind with every song. 

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