Review: Truth Is – Vanessa Lively

Texas songwriter, Vanessa Lively leans more towards folk and world music rather than country but country fans can surely appreciate her lyricism and soulful voice.

The album begins with ‘(Truth Is) I Am Found’ which features an unusual production but nevertheless the cello is beautiful. This record in particular takes listeners on a journey. Lively, composing these songs fresh from the breakdown of a twenty year marriage, draws upon personal experience as she learns to find herself again.

‘Golden Treasure’ is a stand out track for me on this record. The chorus melodies are beautiful whilst the harmonies, emphasising the end of each line are sublime. In conclusion, she creates a unique sound with the production and the journey she takes you on is full of hope. 

On a side note, I want to take a moment to applaud her for creating a non-profit music program called Home Street Music which holds weekly music circles for people who have experienced chronic homelessness. With this, Lively uses her gift to give hope to people within society who have previously had none and the impact she and her organisation are having on those people’s lives is truly extraordinary! 

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