Review: ‘Two Days In Terlingua’ – Bard Edrington V

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This record is exactly what it says on the tin; it was recorded over two days in a church in Terlingua, Texas. It was recorded during his break Edrington’s break from The Hoth Brothers but sonically, it is not much of a departure from their Appalachia, Americana sound.

I adore the twang and tone of Edrington’s voice as he sings the opening track ‘Ramblin Man’ which paints an image out of a western in the listeners mind, “trouble’s never been that far, all the deals gone bad in the back of the bar.” There is a rawness and authenticity to his sound.

‘Shut the Screen Door’ is more of a country ballad with the pedal steel swirling around, doubling up at times with a fiddle. It is a particular highlight on the record as is ‘Strange Balloon’ which takes the record sonically in a different direction. It brings a haunting sound as it questions and contemplates whether there’s other life out there and if they perhaps act a little better than us.

It’s a fantastic, well-rounded record, a joy to listen to. 

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