Reviews: ‘Rosenblume’ – Rosenblume

The debut album from Rosenblume introduces us to his rich, earthy vocals and soulful songwriting. The opening track begins with all the focus being on his voice whilst the backing vocals that enter in the first chorus propel the song into new heights. Its a bold choice for an opening track – it takes three minutes for the song to switch up. By contrast, Knight In Shining Armour, the records lead single, gives us more instant gratification with the unique and vibrant production from the off. There is a depth to Rosenblumes songwriting thats to be admired, demonstrated in the fragile In The Long Run, Rosenblumes lyrics are bound to strike a chord with listeners. I especially like the lone trumpet on this song. Themes of love and discovering ones self dominate this record. There is a sense of nostalgia throughout too which is more prominent in songs like Enough To Burn which do reflect upon past relationships. Rosenblume’s vocals are clear and distinct and though firmly rooted in the folk/americana genre, some of his melodies coupled with his emotive delivery could see him crossing over into the mainstream in the UK. 

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