A concept album that isn’t really
Pack away your preconceptions for this is no prog-rock double album that goes on for approximately 15 weeks with no discernable difference between each track. No and definitely no, this is an album of beautifully crafted songs that could all stand alone quite comfortably, and the context of where each song fits is not something that you necessarily need to know in order to enjoy the offering.
For the sake of completeness it should be said that the concept for this album comes purely from the mind of Rita Hosking while she was drawing, in her own words “I realised I was illustrating a hero’s journey, and that I would love to write a collection of songs inspired by those drawings.” So she has and these 12 songs are the result.
To my mind they are a splendid bunch, particular stand outs being Magic Carpet aided by the glorious violin of Andy Lentz, and the banjo led Power Moving In. For those who know the work of Rita Hosking it will be a case of the same but different and better, for those who don’t do check out her previous five albums and you’ll be treated to a whole bunch of old time modern West coast Americana full of heartfelt songs, personal and universal, tunes that you think you know and more authenticity and integrity than you can shake a stick at.
As well as all that, the final three songs bring this album to a fantastic close. The story does have a thoughtful and uplifting conclusion but I’m not sure that this tale can really have an end, and I will leave you to ponder that enigma.
Ian Ambrose

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