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Can you tell me the story behind your new single ‘Love Me Like I Am’?  

“Love Me Like I Am” was one of those rare occasions (I hope that whoever is reading this has had this happen) where you have a dream about something, and you wake up in the middle of the night and think, “Oh, that’s a really good idea!”. In our case, Joel actually woke up with this phrase “Love Me Like I Am,” so he wrote it down. He woke up the next morning and still thought it was actually a good idea- because, you know how it works most of the time, the ideas that we dream about don’t usually end up becoming good ideas. So the next day we are in the studio, and he brings that phrase up- “Love Me Like I Am.” And one of the other guys we were working with said, “It’s amazing that you can love me like I am.” And, the truest of loves is when you can love someone for who they are – a father’s love – the love a father has for a child, that’s the truest. The love a mother has for a child, I think, that’s the truest love. Because it’s not based off who they are, or their performance, or what they’ve done, or what they’ve accomplished. It’s simply because of who they are. I think that’s the most powerful of loves.  

How did the collaboration with Jordin Sparks come about? 

The collaboration with Jordin Sparks actually came from just the idea that she’s been an artist and a voice that we’ve loved for many, many years, obviously since her early days on “American Idol,” and her name just kinda popped up to us. So we reached out to her and said “Hey, what do you think about this?” We got on a zoom call to chat about it. Talked about what she thought of the song. And she was so thrilled to be thought of. We were actually doing a fair out in San Diego that summer, so we performed the song live together. We did a little music video for it…a live music video for it out there as well. She’s just a wonderful person. Super sweet! And she’s become someone we’ve really enjoyed collaborating with. We are very grateful to her for lending her voice. 


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