Spotlight: Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts returns with new album, ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’ and will embark on a UK tour next year, kicking off in Brighton at the end of May 

Can you tell me about some of the people you worked with on this latest album, ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’? 

I’m glad you’ve asked this; I worked with Paulie Bromley, my long-time producer, who I’ve recorded and produced with on and off for nine years. Steve Summers assisted on both searching for freedom & this new record and has become a wonderful cornerstone of these projects. I also worked with Angela Newcomb from The Dawn Light – she did our lady vocals. And of course, the one and only Donavan Woods, a singer-songwriter from Canada, who’s an absolute legend featuring on THE SUN & THE SEA. The mastering we do with Paul Blakey, who is a wizard.  

You refer to the album as being ‘Future Folk’ can you tell me what that description means to you? 

In short, it’s about time codes, antidotes to dissonance, new soundscapes & topics, tuned backing vocals and synth bass, all intertwined in a folk foundation. I didn’t expect the added Latin influence in some tracks, which is the beauty of letting an album grow and change along the way. I’ve never looked to recreate records, so I add this new one to a growing collection that has already spanned nearly 10 years. The title of the album largely describes endeavouring to continue towards peace and hope even in the darkest of days. 

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Zoe Hodges, Editor


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