Tenille Townes breathtaking UK finale in Manchester

Tenille Townes has come a long way since her first performance on British soil back in 2018. She had the makings of a star back then with her unique voice stopping you in your tracks and the most thought-provoking lyrics that could touch even the hardest of hearts. If you saw her on that CMA Songwriters tour back then, you’re probably still a fan now, looking forward to the next time she comes to see us.
After a successful, sold-out run of dates, Townes wrapped up the tour in Manchester, and what can I say, she saved the best till last! It was a breathtakingly, unforgettable night as a packed out Gorilla was taken on a journey through emotions by Townes who’s voice had never sounded so strong and flawless.
She started the show off in an unusual way I thought, as she began ‘Where You Are’ on her own, just her and her guitar plus her backing singers otherwise known as the Manchester crowd before her bandmates joined her for the second song of the set. She could hold the crowd in the palm of her hand acoustically but had everyone bobbing to the beat of the music as her guitarist and drummer joined her for ‘White Horse’ – one of my favourites of hers.
She played a mix of her earlier tracks as well as her latest from the new record ‘Masquerades’ released earlier in the year. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she played ‘Jersey On The Wall’ and as the audience once again joined in she couldn’t keep the tears from falling herself. The emotion was prominent later in the set when she once again stripped it back and played ‘When I Meet My Maker’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Things’ acoustically.
She had the crowd laughing as she detailed the struggles her crew had had when trying to execute the tour – a sick tour manager, no driver almost jeopardised the shows if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers stepping in to help.
She punctuated her set with a couple of covers, the most memorable perhaps being Alanis Morisette’s ‘Ironic’ which was energetic and had the whole place bouncing.
It was during ‘I Kept The Roses’ where I was reminded of all the reasons why I first fell in love with Townes’ music. My breath caught in my chest, unable to sing along as I marvelled at the way she performed every note, the emotion shining through in her vocals. There was a theatricality about her delivery, it may have been the last night of the tour but it felt like the first time she was getting this off her chest.
She seemed genuinely floored by the response she got from the sold-out crowd in Gorilla especially when she asked everyone to join in on ‘Same Road Home’. She concluded her set with ‘Somebody’s Daughter’, her most well known song and clearly a fan favourite in Manchester too as everyone sang it at the top of their voices. At it’s conclusion the crowd cheered for more and an acoustic encore ensued. Townes played a cover of Etta James’ ‘At Last’ again showcasing just what a wonderful voice she has.
Townes has gone from strength to strength since that first performance in the UK and though her confidence has grown, her vocal technique perfected, her kind-hearted and humble nature has remained. Townes is an all round star and I fully expect for the venues to become bigger and the crowd to grow the next time she comes back to the UK.

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