Tigirlily Gold release breakup track ‘I Tried A Ring On’

Powerhouse duo Tigirlily Gold released their debut EP ‘Blonde’ last summer, establishing sisters Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh’s as certified entertainers with rowdy and empowering songs inspired by the years they spent performing in bars on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Building on the success of the project’s top 40 track ‘Shoot Tequila’, the duo today unveils a new side to their songwriting, with their emotional new single, ‘I Tried A Ring On’.

‘I Tried A Ring On’, written by Kendra and Krista, alongside Pete Good and Josh Jenkins, and produced by Pete Good, was inspired by their real-life heartbreak. Adding depth to their evolving story, ‘I Tried A Ring On’ conveys a heartfelt tale of love’s illusion and the sobering aftermath of shattered expectations.

“We were noticing how many of the breakup songs in country music talk about how hard it is to get over someone, but another extremely hard part of heartbreak that not a lot of people talk about is the gut wrenching feeling of having to start over again when you truly thought you had forever with someone,” Tigirlily Gold shares. “‘I Tried A Ring On’ tells that side of the story, and we are excited for people to discover this whole other side of who we are as writers and as artists.”


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