TJ Walker releases video for new single 'Cowboy Outta Me'

TJ Walker has released another single from his upcoming album ‘The Long Game’ in the shape of Cowboy Outta Me, complete with a video. You can see the video below.
Speaking about the song, Walker – who himself heralds from West Sussex – said that the feedback that he got from the people he played it to convinced him to release it as a single, while he also opened up on the meaning behind the track and why it has all the hallmarks of a song that he’d want to listen to on his own accord.
“When I finished the song, it felt right and I liked the sound and the words, but it seemed too simple an idea somehow,” Walker said. “It’s impossible to be a fair judge of your own creation, so I played it to a few people. Everyone I played it to loved it, several people even admitting, ‘I’m not a fan of Country music, but I like that song!’
“It was unusual in that it was a song that came from me sitting down and deciding to write a song. I started with the simple idea of including all of the elements of my favourite country songs. The words started to paint the picture of being in the middle of nowhere, back to nature… like a cowboy on the range! Once I got that picture in my head, the idea took on a life of its own.
“It’s a love song at heart, but like all my favourite Country songs, it’s got a cowboy in it!”
‘The Long Game’ by TJ Walker is set for release on November 15.

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