Tommy Roe: From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown available now

Tommy Roe, one of the most influential and foundational figures in popular music and the “Father of Bubblegum Pop,” has finally written an autobiographical account of his life. From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown, featuring co-writer Michael Robert Krikorian, is available today.
Roe has had four Gold Records: Sheila,Dizzy, Sweet Pea and Jam Up and Jelly Tight. He has also had 4 Billboard top 100 Albums. He is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Iowa Rock and Roll Association Hall of Fame, as well as the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
In his book From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown, Roe correlates his journey to Hollywood with the historical events of that time period that were changing and shaping America and, in turn, the music industry. In this autobiography, Roe doesn’t hold back. He uses his down-home humor and unique perspective to share about his years and experiences both inside and outside of music.
“My journey from a working class section of Atlanta called Cabbagetown to the glamour that is Hollywood was anything but easy. I stuck by my principles and values making a name for myself that I could be proud of. Writing this book was sometimes a struggle for me and very carthartic indeed. It took the better part of three years, and brought back a lot of memories, the good and the bad. I have been truly blessed to live this life, and I’m glad that I can look back with no regrets.” said Roe.
Tommy Roe is a multifaceted, international artist who wrote, co-wrote, and recorded six Top 10 hits between 1962 and 1969 more than any single artist/songwriter during that period of the sixties. Tommy has four RIAA Certified Gold Records, and two of his hits, Sheila and Dizzy, topped the Billboard chart at #1. With a total of 11 records reaching the Billboard Top 40 and 23 Billboard Top 100 chart records, Tommy is considered one of the early pioneers of the American Pop music culture.
In the spring of 1966 with his release of the smash hit, Sweet Pea, spring breakers started to hit the beaches in Florida, and they embraced the new sound that Tommy had created called Bubblegum. However, some in the media was not as receptive as his fans were to the new genre Roe had created. They began voicing their opinion by malevolently labeling him The King of Bubblegum. That didn’t matter. As the 1970s began, Roe was still high on the charts. Since 1962 when Sheila topped the Billboard charts in the US and in England Tommy has traveled the world as a singer songwriter always leaving his fans with a smile in their heart.
More recently, Roe scored big with his hits, Devil’s Soul Pile and Memphis Me. His new music parts ways with his expected style. Roe’s new style really showcases his talent as both a singer and a songwriter.
Roe hasn’t let the success of his career stop him from doing what he loves. He continues to write new songs and perform around the globe.

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