Tools of the Trade – Accessory Roundup November/December 2019

For the November/December Tools of the Trade feature, Lifestyle Editor Eric Dahl singled out four things that took his fancy in his Accessory Roundup
Phil the Tip Jar
Many bands and musicians make their extra money thanks to a Tip Jar, but unfortunately these are usually low-tech buckets or pickle jars in Nashville. Thankfully, there is a new high-tech alternative named Phil the Tip Jar that is available now.  Once a patron puts their money into Phil the Tip Jar, they are provided a thank you card or – if you choose – the chance to win a t-shirt or something else from you. You can also control the lightshow inside of Phil to draw more attention to it! This is hands down the best tip jar tool I have ever seen – visit the website below to learn more and I believe you will see your tips increase thanks to Phil the Tip Jar. Plus, your audience will enjoy engaging with Phil and will hopefully fill him up with money for you and your band!
Tools of the Trade Phil the Tip Jar
This product is one of those why didn’t I think of that examples!  Dummiezare eye catching rubber 6.3mm (¼ inch) dummy plugs to designed to keep rust, moisture and dirt out of your music gear input jacks!  Available in diamond, alien or skull toppers designs Dummiez add some fun to your music gear while protecting it at the same time! They come in two, twelve or twenty-four packs depending on what your needs are.  Besides working great they are also a fun conversation piece! They are very flexible so if bumped on your amp, guitar or mixer they won’t break off. A dummy jack was once a cut off guitar cable now Dummiez has made them visually appealing and more effective!
Tools of the Trade Dummiez
Cordial Cables
Maverick received two Cordial Cables for review, their CXI 6 RP-SKY-Silent instrument and the CPM 5 FM-Flex XLR mic.  Compared to standard duty cords these are both equipped with heavy duty Neutrik connectors.  The 6.3mm instrument cable has a tangle free fabric wrap and the right-angle jack features Neutrik’s “Silent Plug” sleeve so you can connect and discount instruments without the popping sound.  If you are like me a frequently changing instruments on a gig this is an incredible addition to a cable.  The microphone cable is of high quality also and features hand soldered connectors like the instrument cable.  The upgraded XLR lock on the male end of the cable has smooth operation when plugging in. Cordial Cableshas many other models besides the ones we reviewed. They exemplify quality craftsmanship.
Tools of the Trade Cordial
Kepma Guitars
Kepma Guitarsare being seen on stage with Country and Americana artists in Nashville now.  What has gained Kepmathe most attention is their “AcoustiFex” system allowing you to produce room or hall reverb and chorus or delay with the guitar unplugged! For testing I spent time with the KepmaElite D-2 131A model which has a solid spruce top, African mahogany back & sides with rosewood fretboard.  This guitar comes with its own rechargeable battery that inserts next to the ¼ inch input near the strap button.  I was astonished by the sound effects you can achieve with the Kepma, but it also delivers when plugged in and in smooth playability.  I performed out with this guitar and everyone wanted to play it. Take a closer look at Kempa’s new guitars I believe you will be impressed as well!

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