Tools of the Trade – Loop Earplugs

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Loop Earplugs look more like a fashion accessory than hearing protection, but they provide Loop mutes that let you select the amount of noise reduction that you desire.  The Loops, that fit inside of your ear, come in a variety of colors and finishes including black, gold and silver.  The mutes also come in six different colors depending on your preference.  Each pair of Loops comes with four different sized soft silicone eartips to achieve your best fit.  A small plastic carrying case is also included.  With the mutes inserted through the Loops you achieve -20dB noise reduction.  The sound travels around the Loop and then enters your ear canal.  The Loop earplugs look more my stylish that your standard foam earplugs and I believe that will be appealing to concert goers and musicians who still want to look stylish.  The fit was vey comfortable and the mute inserts were easy to attach and remove if needed.  Loops are also fully washable and reusable.  If you’re looking to protect your hearing but still be fashionable whilst you do it Loop is a great way to go and you can select the ones that reflect your personality too! 

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