Track of the Day – 'Wilder Waters' by Broken Heart University

Broken Heart University

The Maverick Track of the Day today (Dec 17 2020) is Wilder Waters by Broken Heart University, which came out earlier this year. You can listen below.
The song comes from their most recent release ‘Not Today, Thanks Satan’, which was released just before lockdown hit on March 10, 2020.
Broken Heart University is a musical collective that formed back in 2018, with Tony Batty spearheading the project. Batty, an experienced singer-songwriter, took a 40-year hiatus but got back into the game after being introduced to Ashley Fayth, a Canadian singer/songwriter herself.
Together, they started working on a project that took into account Batty’s travels around America and the end result was the collective’s self-titled debut album last year, which we said was “a fine contribution to the higher echelons of British country music.”
Striking while the iron was hot, ‘Not Today, Thanks Satan’ came next and one of the most prominent tracks from it is Wilder Waters, with the ever gentle guitar fusing perfectly with Fayth’s exquisite vocals as she recounts a tale with a former loved one, wishing she could feel what she felt back then and to hold that person one last time.
For further information regarding the collective, you can head to their website here.

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