WATCH: Jessica Lynn’s line dance tutorial for Roadhouse

Jessica Lynn

Released in May, Jessica’s ‘Roadhouse’  has become a fan favourite from Jessica’s acclaimed live shows and stage spectaculars. The song’s unabashed joie de vivre, combined with Jessica’s, much-lauded spectacular stagecraft — have rightly earned fans’ ardent appreciation and set them tapping their feet and dancing, roadhouse style. Now, there’s a remarkable chance to become part of a great group dance project for this fun-loving, high-spirited song.

“I always felt that Roadhouse was perfect for a line dance,” says Jessica, “so I was so excited to choreograph and create this video for the release.  I took dance my whole life and always really enjoyed line dancing. While touring around the world, I  found it fascinating how popular it is in so many different countries.  I would love to capture different teams and organizations doing the dance from all around the globe, then create one collective video, bringing everyone together through dance and music.  Really looking forward to it!”

Watch the video and you’ll see Jessica, in her trademark plaid shirt, white tee and ripped blue denim shorts (plus of course boots), taking her 4 featured dancers (Christina DeCesare, Kalynn Montero, Alyssa Shaw and Arianna Stockinger) through their paces at Starstruck Dance Studio, demonstrating the 32-count, 2-wall line dance choreography.

Jessica’s keenly-held goal is to get as many folk as possible to do the dance: from line-dance associations and organisations around the world, gathering momentum and snowballing. Jessica will collect videos from teams/crews/teachers with their students performing the moves, from which footage she aims to make another video compiling all the vids, with on-screen labels like (London, England, Austin, Texas, etc!).

She hopes to see it performed in line dancing clubs around the world and at her live shows.

Jessica will be in the UK this month playing main stage at Tennessee Fields Festival (formerly known as Dixie Fields). Tennessee Fields is a boutique country music festival, based in rural Essex, that attracts talent from both sides of the Atlantic and this year takes place over the weekend of 9-11th July, 2021 at Sandy Brook Fields, Chelmsford.

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