Woman Tone Pedal by Aclam

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The new Woman Tone guitar pedal by Aclam is an amazing effects unit that faithfully recreates Eric Clapton’s sound from back in his Cream days.  The pedal is essentially two effects in box with the Plexi amplifier footswitch to the right and the Woman Tone activation to the left.  The Volume and Gain knobs are designated to the right footswitch and the centre Woman Tone knob controls the left.  There is also an internal dip switch to make the sound even darker.  Aclam pedals also come with their standard pedalboard locks on each side so you can secure them to one of their Smart Track pedalboards without attaching Velcro on your pedal.  The designers behind the Woman Tone pedal truly did their homework as you can easily dial in Clapton’s vintage sounds with this pedal and then mod them to your own taste.  The beauty of it is that it doesn’t require a Gibson SG to reach this sound thanks to the circuitry you can achieve with a Strat or Tele also.  If you’re an EC fan or just relish vintage 60’s guitar tones the new Woman Tone by Aclam is a must have effect! 


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