Zoee: The Song We Sing

UK-based Singer/Songwriter Zoee writes powerful song to try to unite the world during dark times. Australian singer writes song to uplift the people during Coronavirus, Lockdown, and the Aftermath
Zoee is an Australian born/UK-based multi award winning Alt-Country/Americana singer/songwriter who is getting attention from media and audiences around the world. Last year, she captivated Nashville audiences with her CMA Fest performances, as well as her festival appearances around the UK, Ireland, and Sweden.
This year, the Australian born artist has bounced back from being forced to cancel her 2020 U.K., European and US tour with her band following the effects of the Covid-19. Zoee has turned to the power of humanitarianism and unity to release an anthem called, “The Song We Sing,” to remind people of the power in standing together during the dark times.
Zoee adds, “All across the news I see it everywhere; The World has taken a dive into sadness and depression following this Coronavirus. I wanted the spirit of this song to remind folks that music is about bringing people together and at the end of the day, all we have are the good and happy moments in life to take with us… so we should sing, and we should dance. We should try to make all the moments happy, regardless of the situations we may have encountered. Life is like the weather, we all have to go through our storms, but the sunshine will always come back again. I wanted to give people a reminder that we are all unique pieces of life and during these uncertain times we need to remember to find that balance inside ourselves… that’s The Song We should all Sing!”
She goes on:
“To me, music should be about the real moments in life…. the highs and the lows. The moments when we need a gentle nudge to keep climbing. The greatest music in history, in my experience, has united people of all walks of life”
This song was released on Friday 31st July and is already being called an anthem by her audience and from the column-writers who are reviewing the song on blogs all across the internet, with Lyric Magazine declaring, “Big drums, driving beats and a huge chunk of 80’s Benatar. Loving the anthemic ‘woh ohs’ & the growls on the vocals too,” with Hope It’s Country adding “‘The Song We Sing’ is an absolute banger of a feel good anthem. Zoee has an absolutely stunning voice, and can still rock out with the best of them.”
There is no doubt about it, the massive harmony-chanting “anthemic” choruses boasting unity and togetherness and foot stomping rhythms are sure to have any music lover wanting to sing and dance to this bright and rocky humanitarian song.
On top of all this, Zoee has announced she will be hosting a competition to accompany the new song that will bag the winner with over £500 worth of prizes.
Entrants will need to record a video of themselves showing what gets them excited about life, while performing with or playing the song.
All entries will be judged by a panel of people before Christmas, 2020. The winner will also be featured on Zoee’s social media pages.
The Song We Sing is available on ALL platforms now.
Spotify: shorturl.at/xyA37
iTunes: shorturl.at/grRT2
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