Holley Dey

Holley is a freelance writer and blogger who came to Maverick with a background in academics, and with a passion for music. Her enthusiasm for country and roots artists, and respect for singer-songwriters are also reflected in the content of her blogs.

Bryan Chalker

Bryan Chalker is a veteran broadcaster blessed with a resonant bass voice, extensive all-round knowledge of country and country-related music and a passion for travel and music. Bryan also led his own band New Frontier.

John Roffey

John Roffey was brought up on a diet of Lonnie Donegan, Buddy Holly, Elvis and The Beatles. His serious interest in music developed in the mid 70s after attending Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris live shows. John has been a contributor since 2009

Simon Beards

Simon Beards lives in London and has enjoyed music since, at aged 11, he bought his first single Elvis’ ‘Return To Sender’. He enjoys watching and listening to a wide range of music live music in London and has written for Maverick for ten years

Alan Harrison

Alan Harrison has always had an eclectic taste in music, but would probably lean towards the Blues if he had his arm twisted. After discovering country music via Elvis Costello’s ALMOST BLUE LP he’s immersed himself in all areas of country ever since

Paul Kerr

Paul Kerr first started listening to country music in the 70s country rock era. Since then he’s remained enthusiastic about the various offshoots of traditional and mainstream country from banjos and fiddles to telecaster and pedal steel.

Paul Collins

Paul Collins’ passion for country music was inherited from his father a semi pro dance band musician and developed from early exposure to Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold and Patsy Cline through to his wide ranging appreciation of the current scene.

John Jobling

John Jobling has been attending gigs and buying music since the late 60s. He came to country music via new country and Nanci Griffith in the mid 80’s. John is also a weekly rock radio show presenter and a photographer.

Jeremy Searle

Jeremy Searle has written for Maverick since 2006, producing an alarmingly large number of reviews, very few of whose subjects have subsequently threatened him. He likes physical albums and proper songs.

Ian Horne

Ian grew up listening to all sorts of different music but became a country fan after studying for a year at the University of North Carolina. Since then he’s spent a lot of time listening to country music, especially the more contemporary artists.

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