Tools of the Trade: Ernie Ball New Capos & Straps

More choices in instrument accessories is never a bad thing. Ernie Ball has just released four new colour options in their Axis Capo series. Now you can choose from Rose Gold Satin, Gold Satin, Pewter and Blue Steel. The standard fair of Silver, Black, Gold and Bronze are still available also. The single hand operated Axis capo works great for a variety of instruments and when not in use can be easily stored on the headstock of your instrument. I’ve used it on curved and flat fretboards with no issues and even nylon string and 12-string guitars. With the new choices finish options from Ernie Ball you can match your capo to your favourite guitars hardware finish now!

Guitar straps are like socks they frequently turn up missing when I need them most. When I’m traveling to a gig, songwriter round or jam session I usually try to pack at least two of everything including guitar straps. The latest editions to Ernie’s Jacquard Guitar strap line are the Casino Couture, Red Bird Winter, Midnight Paisley and the Red Trellis. This is EB’s most popular guitar strap line thanks to the stylish designs and embroidered leather ends. The strap is crafted from polypropylene webbing which is tough stuff. I’m a fan of these straps because they will extend up 1.82 meters. One can never have enough instrument complimentary accessories and Ernie Ball makes it easy and fun!

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