Tools of the Trade: Eventide New Effects Pedals

Eventide has done it again with two new powerful pedals, the MicroPitch Delay and Blackhole Pedal. Both are derived from Eventides popular H910 and H949 harmonizers. Breaking them down into individual units makes them more flexible for live performance. MicroPitch has a dual, pitch-shifted delay with increased ability to fine tune the de-tuning, providing a fat and warm tone! Five presets are contained in the pedal, but many more can be downloaded through Eventide’s EDM software. It also has the capability to double and triple your pitches, providing real time instrument harmonies. The Blackhole effect can take your reverb to the next level, especially with the addition of an expression pedal and you can load 127 presents and have five at your feet. Big win on the Blackhole is the Freeze function! Both of these Eventide offerings provide endless capabilities and pristine studio quality sound!

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