Tools of the Trade: L.R. Baggs Voiceprint DI

L.R. Baggs new Voiceprint DI is a game changer in acoustic guitar technology and that is not an exaggeration! Guitar amplifier modelling and profiling has almost become common place in these modern times, but now Baggs has developed a pedal and App that allows you to capture your favourite acoustic guitars tonality. The Voiceprint DI comes with a physical, encased pedal and power supply.

You will need to download the free AcousticLive iPhone App to connect your iPhone to the pedal via bluetooth (You can also pair it with your Apple Watch now). Through this App you are able to control the four independent modules: Level, Voiceprint (for fine tuning), Anti-FB (control feedback while playing live) and Master EQ (5 band virtual EQ). The microphone on your iPhone is utilized to capture the impulse responses from your acoustic guitar. Once these are ingested into the App you can store up to 99 of these guitar models into the hardware pedal. You can save more than this within the AcousticLive App and you can control the pedal via your Apple watch. It affords the capability to record the impulse of every guitar you own, and your friends own and then play those profiled tones at a live gig or in the studio.

The pedal has a mute foot-switch, next foot-switch and knobs for anti-fb, voice, select, pad and volume. On the front of the Voiceprint DI there is a USB connector for computer access, send and return for effects, and XLR output and a ground lift switch to negate hum. The App gives you directions on how to capture the acoustic guitar sound impulses for best accuracy.

So, to break it down further L.R. Baggs Voiceprint DI (Acoustic Guitar Impulse Response Pedal) allows you to pack one guitar to a live show and have 99 different guitar sound tonalities in the pedal. My favourite features are the Bluetooth sync with the pedal and the iPhone control capabilities. It is an incredible DI box even if you didn’t have the capture potential of the guitar sounds. The only feature I wish they had added is a built-in tuner, although the effects send, and return does allow you to easily patch in a pedal tuner, chorus, delay and reverb. There is truly nothing else on the market like it. I was wowed with the L.R. Baggs Voiceprint DI, and you will be too!

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