Tools of the Trade: New Shure Microphones

A leader in vocal re-production, Shure, is rolling out mics geared toward our personal and at home audio needs! New times require mics that are not only XLR compatible, but also work for USB and Lightning connections. Shure’s new MV7 Podcast Microphone isn’t only limited to podcast productions; it is also ideal for remote at home interviews on our music and fan chats online. At first glance the MV7 looks similar to Shure’s very popular SM7 which has been a standard in the radio industry for years. The difference is the MV7 has USB and XLR connectivity, voice isolation technology, auto level mode and a USB touch panel for volume and muting control on top of the mic. It can be plugged in direct to a PA, computer or smart phone, thanks to the USB-C and USB-A cables included. Audio can be monitored with the headphone output in the back of the mic. I have used the MV7 for my weekly radio show and have been very pleased with the results. If you’re doing a Podcast or just online interviews the Shure MV7 is a quality microphone.

Changing times have also forced artists and musicians to become social media content providers and influencers. Everyone knows the better quality the video and sound are the more shares and opportunity for going viral. Shure’s new MV88+ Video Kit is designed to work in tandem with your smart phone. The kit includes an MV88 microphone, Manfrotto PIXI tripod, smart phone clamp & mount, connection cables and a bag for the accessories. It is Lightning and USB-C compatible with a headphone output. The MV88+ Video Kit will take your Facebook streams and fan chats to the next level of audio quality to match your music!

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