Tools of the Trade: Say Goodbye to Germs on Microphones!

As the world gradually rebounds from a Pandemic, germs and cleanliness remain a major concern for all musicians and performers. Some Songwriter Rounds have moved to placing disposable mic covers over the microphones to protect the performers from potential germs and Covid transmission. VocoPro has just released a much more effective device the Germinator UV Microphone Sanitiser.

This unit utilises UV Rays to kill all of the germs and smells that are frequently left upon microphones from multiple performers usage. The filter screen within the microphone capsule can’t catch all of the germs and metal mesh mic heads are tough to clean. This sturdy plastic cradle can accommodate two standard or wireless mics at once. The Germinator automatically turns on when microphones are placed in side of it and kills all of the germs in two minutes time. It is rechargeable, thanks to its USB power supply, and can clean 300 microphones on just one charge.
If it is not being put to use the Germinator can retain a charge for up to 35 hours total. The device is ideal for karaoke sing along venues, songwriter rounds and any venue where singers are sharing microphones. It only makes sense to keep everything, including your mics, as clean as possible to protect the artists from potential germs. The Germinator has just been released, and we were fortunate at Maverick to receive one for review.

One of my favourite features on this device is the large screen readout on top that tells you when the microphones are 100% fully sanitised and how much power reserve you have left. Fast, simple and effective microphone cleansing in a portable and chargeable device. The Germinator has your mics and artists covered! I believe you will see a number of venues with sanitising stations for microphones in the coming year!

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