Tools of the Trade: Toca’s New Boxx Kicks!


Drums typically take up the most space on a stage and are not easy to transport. Toca’s Kickboxx Suitcase Drum set can fit anywhere a Cajon drummer can. The bass drum head is attached to the outside of the box while the snare and tom fit inside during transport. There is also a port for micing on the opposite side of the bass drum head. The Kickboxx secures with two latches, everything fits inside and there is a convenient carrying handle on top. The only hardware you will need to add is a kickdrum pedal, sticks and a high hat. It won’t replace your traditional drum kit, but it isn’t designed to. It will provide you the most percussion options of any portable kit on the market. I plan to add stickers to mine from the cities it visits with me like a well-worn suitcase!

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