Tom Speight

The power of positivity

Tom Speight’s latest album, recorded last summer, is full of hope and positivity – just what we need as the UK edges closer to normality

Jordan Davis

Getting to know Jordan Davis

Singles You Up singer Jordan Davis continues to take the country music world by storm as he releases his latest collection ‘Buy Dirt’ What did

Mike Ross

Mike Ross: No Boundaries

Mike Ross’ music knows no bounds, as he tries to be holistic in his delivery, he showcases his musicianship whilst presenting his most authentic collection

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett: Family First

Family man, Thomas Rhett, focuses on what matters most to him in the first record of a double album, ‘Country Again, Side A’. Growing up

Ashley Monroe

Ashley Monroe: A change in direction

Ashley Monroe’s latest album Rosegold is a drastic departure from the pedal steel’s and strings of ‘The Blade’ and ‘Sparrow’ but what inspired this change?

Ross Copperman

Encore: Ross Copperman

Ross Copperman recently scored his 30th number one as a country songwriter/producer. Now, once again, Ross is stepping out from behind the song and releasing

Luke Concannon

Luke Concannon: Drawn to the Horizon

Travelling the world to reconnect with people and find himself again, Luke Concannon returns with the most truthful songs and a heightened sense of adventure!

Lauren Housley

Encore: Lauren Housley

After moving back home to Sheffield and setting up a studio with her Husband, Lauren Housley drew on a wide range of different influences and