This may be slightly unfair but everything feels a bit borrowed on this album. The concept and image-borrowed a bit from Bellowhead; the name-borrowed from the Counting Crows and the title, well just obvious. It’s very hard to put my finger on why but there’s something inauthentic about the Roving Crows. With Bellowhead, you get …



I am so the wrong person to be reviewing THE SPADE by Butch Walker and the Black Widows by a good 35 years or more. I found myself shouting: ‘What the hell??????’ at the CD player after track 3 and then I read the band’s bio; but I should have realised something was going to …

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Kristy Gallacher – SPINNING PLATES

Singer-songwriter Kristy Gallacher’s second album falls very much into the burgeoning new folk style with mainly acoustic accompaniment utilised to enhance her well-crafted bittersweet songs of relationship issues. Though still in her early 20s, Kristy has been controlling her own music career for several years by running her own record label and self-producing and releasing …

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